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Ship Launching Inflatable Roller Bag

Ship launching inflatable Roller Bag is well known as ship launching airbag, marine airbag, rubber airbag, landing airbag, inflatable airbag, air balloon, rubber pontoon. It is composed by airbag body and terminal iron part. The airbag body is composed by natural rubber strength fiber material...
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The Ship Launching Inflatable Roller Bag produced by our company can be applied to the land transportation of large and heavy components such as caisson and bridge. Compared with the traditional cylinder, the Ship Launching Inflatable Roller Bag can deform greatly under the weight of the caisson. Increase the contact area between the air bag and the ground, so that the pressure per unit area is reduced, and the force is uniform, strong adaptability to the field.


(1) The Ship Launching Inflatable Roller Bag is formed by a unique integral winding process, and its wall has no seams. The strength of each direction is balanced, so the anti-bursting strength and anti-impact fatigue times are increased.

(2) Due to its use of compressed air as a buffer medium, it has a soft pressure avoidance effect, large impact energy absorption, low stress on the handling of materials, and excellent impact resistance.


Construction Features

1. Structure of Ship launching inflatable Roller Bag

Marine Airbags / Air Balloons have the best designed structure which consists of five different functional membranes in rubber layers.


1) Outer Rubber Layer

The outer rubber layer that covers the outside of marine airbag to protect under layers from abrasion and other external forces. This compound has sufficient tensile and tearing strength to withstand any condition and hard usage.

2) Synthetic-Tire-Cord Layer as Reinforcement

The reinforcement cord layers, which are made of synthetic-tire-cord commonly used in tires, are arranged at ideal angles to hold the internal pressure and distribute stress evenly. So they can provide strong efficient reinforcement.


2. Material of Ship launching inflatable Roller Bag

An rubber roller airbag is to be constructed of an outer rubber layer, one or more synthetic-tyre-cord layers, and an inner rubber layer. The arrangement of synthetic-tyre-cord reinforcement layers is shown in the picture below, all materials shall be vulcanized firmly.


Why Choose Florescence

1. TOP 3 Supplier

Florescence is a trusted supplier for shipyard, quay, harbors in the global market.

2. 20 years' experience

Our factory in Shandong Province has been established for almost 20 years.

3. Export

FLORESCENCE Ship Launching Airbag are exported to lots of countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, etc.

4. Certifications

Products are certificated by CCS, BV, ABS, etc.

5. Various sizes

Florescence Ship Launching Airbags can be manufactured in different kinds of sizes and types according to the clients' requirement.

6. Navy supplier

Florescence is the supplier of Bnagladesh Navy and France Navy.

7. Professional service

We will reply you on 24 hours, and try our best to help you.



1. Various sizes

2. Provide repairing kit

3. Long service life

4. Reused many times

5. Good wear resistance

6. Good raw material

7. Harmless to the enviroment

8. Cheaper and portable


The Specification

Working Pressure of Marine Launching Airbag


Size of Marine Airbag


1. Ship Launching and Landing

2. On Land Construction

3. Ship Salvage

4. Objects Lifting

5. Caission Floating

6. Marine Engineering


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