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Marine Airbag Marine Bags

Marine Airbag Marine Bags

Marine airbag marine bags
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Marine airbag marine bags

 Introduction of Marine airbag marine bag

Diameter1.0m.1.2m.1.5m.1.8m,2.0m.2.4m or customize according to requirements
LengthCustomize according to requirements
LayersFrom 4 layers to 10 layers or customize according to requirements.
MaterialNatural rubber and fabric cord
Working pressure0.05Mpa~0.17Mpa
Life spanMore than 10 years
Payment termsT/T or L/C
Delivery timeDepends on the quantity,usually within 7 days.
Warranty period3 years with best after-sales service


Marine airbag marine bag are also known as air bags, ship lifting airbag, ship Marine airbag marine bag,rubber tube, ship salvage airbag,rubber pontoon,inflatable air bags, air lifting bags, air balloon,salvage bags,ship launching Marine airbag marine bag. Airbag now are used for ship launching,loading and floating.They are widely used in cargo

boat/ship/vessel launching and landing,lifting and moving sunkenships and heavy goods.


Applications of Marine airbag marine bag


1.Marine airbag marine bag for ship upgranding, conversion or new/repair launching(for ship launching or landing)

2.Marine airbag marine bag for hoisting and transporting heavy goods.

3.Marine airbag marine bag for salvaging sunken ship or heavy immersed steel structure.

4.Marine airbag marine bag for architecture engineering.

5.Container for storing and transporting gas,corrosive chemical liquid and pure water.

6.Marine airbag marine bag for construction and floating of bridge or pipeline.



Why choose Florescence ?

1.Learder since 1992, with more than 20 years produce experience;

2.Best quality with 3 years guarantee period;

3.Comply with ISO14409:2011;

4.Certificates BV,CCS,ABS,GL etc available;

5.Customized different dimention according to requirements;

6.Lifespan more than 10 years;

7.Different dimension stocks, the delivery time can be within 3 days;

8.Long time after-sale service;

9.Professional engineer recommend suitable dimension and quantity Marine airbag marine bag for your projects.

10.Professional engineer teach you how to repair and how to use the Marine airbag marine bag in site.



History of Marine airbag marine bag.

What were the first uses of rubber airbags in the launching of ships?

The history of rubber airbag ship launching dates back to 1981. Xiao Qinghe ship repair and building shipyard, located in Jinan city of Shangdong Province, launched a 60 DWT tank barge with air bag suspension on January 20, 1981. Seven air bags were deployed in that project. One was 2 meters in diameter and 6 meters long and used for elevating.  The remaining six air bags were 0.8 meters x 6 meters long and acted as the rollers. The first intention of that trial launch was to develop a prompt, less landform limited ship launching method for warfare purposes.

How has the rubber airbag technology advanced since then?

Over the past twenty years, the airbag ship launching system has made advancements in not only the air bag, but also the ship launching/landing technology. The first generation air bags used a rubber dipped canvas as a reinforcement layer to form the air chamber trunk. Two cone-shaped molds were then used to make the ends and everything was stuck together.

With today’s rubber airbags, the whole-enlacing-technology used for manufacturing is done together.  Rubber dipped synthetic-tyre-cords are used as the reinforcement layers with the trunk and two cone-shaped ends made at the same time.  Everything is then-laced together, so the air bag doesn’t have any joints. Due to the development of rubber chemistry, the performance of the rubber employed in the latest air bags is highly enhanced and about 15 times that of the first generation bag with the same specifications.

The launching and landing technology has also developed. In the beginning, only small and flat bottom ships located on a fabricated slope could be launched with air bags. Now this technology is more flexible and less limited by the ship and landform. Now any type of ship with a DWT below 55,000 and in a place with enough launching space can be launched using air bags. The launching slope even can be sloped upward.  It has really developed into a cutting edge technology for launching ships, and especially useful for some marine emergencies.



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