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Boat Small Yokohama Fender

Marine rubber pneumatic boat fender for STS ----Certificated by ISO 9001 Marine pneumatic fender has been used for almost 50 years, it's also called as dock rubber fender or boat fenders. It is the leading anticollision device for marine application in the world. Marine Pneumatic Fender is...
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 Boat small yokohama fender

Boat small yokohama fenders have been used for nearly 50 years and are also known as dock rubber fenders or marine fenders. It is the world's leading marine anti-collision device. Boat small yokohama fender is used as a protective medium for ship-to-ship contact, ship-to-dock and ship mooring. Boat small yokohama fenders are marine equipment used to prevent ships, ships and other naval vessels from colliding with or striking docks, docks and terminals. In other words, a ship fender can be simply referred to as a ship bumper. More and more ship owners are installing STS Fender on FPSO and LNG, which is safer than other methods.


During side-by-side operation, several 3.3 * 6.5 size fenders will be used between the world's largest floating production facility and LNG carrier. Florescence is currently developing larger sizes of fenders and advanced monitoring systems to better meet customer needs. High quality, reasonable price and good service have made Florescence a reputation for customers all over the world.


Structure of boat small yokohama fender

Outer rubber layer

The rubber layer covers the outside of the fender to protect the cord layer and the inner liner rubber from abrasion and other external forces.

Synthetic-tire-cord layer

The tire cord layer is made of a synthetic tire cord fabric that maintains the internal air pressure of the fender.

Inner rubber layer

The inner rubber layer is used to keep the internal air and avoid air leakage, which is the key to the air tightness of the fender.



1.2mX2.0m fender drawing

Size of boat small yokohama fender

The boat small yokohama fenders can be used for the ship-to-ship operation ad ship-to-dock operation. The large fenders are usually floated at the water line as primary fenders to absorb impact energy at berthing and keep proper stand-off distance between ships and dock.

The boat small yokohama fenders can be hanged to the ship and dock by guy chain or gay rope connect with the shackles and anchor.


Type of boat small yokohama fender


Test of boat small yokohama fender

1. Material test for rubber
The material test of the outer rubber and the inner rubber shall be conducted in accordance with the physical properties of inner and outer rubber required by ISO 17357:2002

2. Dimensional inspection
The dimension of all the fenders shall be inspected at the initial internal pressure and the results shall be within the following tolerances:
- length: +10%, -5%;
-diameter: +10%,-5%

3. Air-leakage test
The air-leakage test shall be conducted on all the fenders at initial pressure for more than 30 min, and the test results shall confirm that there is no air leakage.

4. Hydrostatic-pressure test
The hydrostatic-pressure test shall be performed for 10 min at the hydrostatic-pressure shown in "test pressure at 0% deflection". Maximum temporary elongation: 10%

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